Virtual Shopping


Morgan and I just finished a homework assignment in which she was supposed to ‘spend’ a million dollars.

Obviously we had to do this together, on the computer since I haven’t received catalogs in years.

We ‘bought’ a convertible BMW M3 (dark silver), a MacBook Pro, a red hobo bag and black pumps from Burberry, a fur coat, blah-blah.

We’d gotten to about 30K left to spend when I suggested jewelry.

I figured Tiffany’s was pretty pricy so that’s where we went.

Once she saw THIS pretty little number…

… we immediately removed the personal submarine, antique biplane (with parachute) and some other brick-a-brac to make room for it’s 825,000 price tag.

I wish I could express how she said ‘Oh Tiffany’ (all sprawled out, elongated, and dreamy) – it was awesome.

When I asked her if her future husband had to get her engagement ring from Tiffany’s, she was emphatic – as long as they loved each other, an expensive ring wouldn’t be necessary.

Perfect. Balance.

love my girl



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