So Angry I Could Cry


I love how completely lovely and peaceful my house is  –  when I’m the only one here.

Anyone else that has a family can probably relate.

While I LOVE my family totally and completely, sometimes the sheer struggle of keeping up with all of their STUFF drives me up the wall.

I have made lists so that everyone can easily see what they need to do at given time of the day or week.  I’ve created games with the sole intent of making picking up after ourselves (& each other) fun, I’ve tried talking to them about how I feel when they go behind me and destroy the house that is my our refuge and that I work so hard to make comfortable and inviting for us and anyone that may come for a visit.

I admit that I am not, by any means a perfect keeper of the house, or mom, or wife… but I TRY darn it.   Some weeks even I don’t live up to my own standards so I absolutely keep that in mind when my darlings get all messy on me.

But this weekend is different for some reason.

During the week it occurred to me that my projects are often derailed because I spend so much time vacuuming, doing laundry and completing the duties of ‘master schedule keeper’.

Friday I spent the afternoon picking up ALL the messiness that I was responsible for so that I wasn’t being a bad example to my sweeties, and much of their messes as well, leaving only a couple of things for them to put away that I thought they should take responsibility for.

Friday at 3 o’clock my house looked lovely.

Then it happened…

                                                    THEY CAME HOME

It is now 9 o’clock on Saturday and this is what I see as I walk around the house (I have put away everything that I got out today)…

In my kitchen there are clean dishes from the dishwasher (thanks to  Aaron for unloading) on the counter, put there for additional air drying.    There are very few dishes actually IN the dishwasher but quite a few lying around, some are  in the sink (that I scrubbed yesterday but now has food that wasn’t rinsed down the disposer) on the counter (thankfully NOT mixed in with the clean dishes at least).  There are crumbs and plastic grocery bags on the counter and the fridge looks like I have never organized it, so I’m sure no one will be able to find any food in there until I tackle THAT job (again).

The dining room has a mess of Parmesan cheese and peppers from the pizza that we brought home for dinner tonight,’rooster’ hot sauce (only one of us uses that stuff and it is not me), a coffee cup, dirty napkins, and various jackets and melodrama costumes hung on the back of the chairs.

The mud room has several coats on the hooks that haven’t even been used this winter and more shoes than actually FIT under the bench.

Living Room detritus includes a pack of gum, a paintbrush(!?), a yard stick, a paper grocery bag that has paper for recycling, several drinking glasses/cups/beer bottles, at least four pair of shoes, athletic shorts, cell phones and remote controls.  To add to the fun, one of our cats climbed in the armoire when I opened the door earlier and she won’t come out so that’s open.

The bathroom also has an interesting mix.  Admittedly, most of that junk is related to our dog getting his much-needed bath.  There is a wet towel hanging on the side of the tub, Max’s collar, an apple core(?!) rests atop an old Chiefs cup that Aaron uses to rinse the dog, I think it was a form of bribery.  In addition to the dog stuff there is a t-shirt and shorts that someone took off & left in the bathroom on the main floor even though we all sleep  (and keep our clothes) on the second floor.

I’m not sweating the mess in the art room because that’s part of the reason we HAVE a room designated to messes arts and crafts and Zak IS working on his board for the science fair right now.

I love, love, love them all, so much.  But I wish to God that I could look forward to having everyone home for the weekend instead of seeing it as two days that they destroy my peaceful retreat and I feel like the most unappreciated mommy in the entire world.

Big Sigh

I sure wish I could figure out how to get them on board with the whole lovely, relaxing retreat thing…

Oh no, maybe I have and they think the maid will come on Monday after they relax and retreat all weekend!




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