Morgan has always really paid attention to the things around her, so much so that we’ve been calling her ‘eagle eyes’ for quite some time.  She notices the tiniest bugs, she’s always finding  money on the ground (she found a $20 bill at a parade) …..




… and she finds four leaf clovers.




The hunt for four leaf clovers started a few years ago with my VERY creative friend, Stacey.  Our older boys had baseball practice at the park and the younger kiddos were getting bored so Stacey suggested that they ‘Go look for four leaf clovers’, figuring it would give us a little time to chat.

Morgan found her calling …

My lucky little girl found her first ‘lucky clover’ in our back yard,  under the swing set, while she was hanging on the monkey bars.  When she brought it to me I was amazed!  Over the course of that summer she found 24 four leaf clovers most of which were in our back or side yard.  Incidentally, that exact number is from HER memory, not mine – I suck.

I pressed most of the clovers that she found that summer.  I even got creative with a few of them, making some little decorative things for the house.

During that particular summer I was dealing with a bit of a health scare so every time that Morgan brought me another of her magical finds, I felt that was a sign that everything was going to be okay with me and my family.

That was four years ago and, while the weather is warm, Morgan still brings me a four-leaf clover every once in awhile (the current count is 39, in addition to two five leafed clovers and the three leaf clover with the perfectly heart-shaped leaves that she brought me today…

Unfortunately, over the past few months in particular, I’ve grown pretty blase about her finds.  Once I was even so impatient with her that I yelled at her, accusing her of looking for ways to get out of helping with the yard work.

She finds them SO often that, for me, the magic is gone.

I’m not proud of that.

Shame on me.

Today, as we took a photo of the heart shaped clover Morgan suggested that I write about it in that ‘blog thingie’ that I started.  Boy did that get all of the mommy guilt stuff going for me (TWO blog entries about Zak and none so far about Morgan) but then I started thinking about it and …

1. This is a cool story

2. It seems that I’ve learned something from my lucky daughter.

Morgan doesn’t take things for granted.  She lives her life at full speed and yet is still totally tuned in – enough to spot the smallest things (like an extra leaf in a patch of clover).  Morgan leaves notes for everyone in our family, she compliments people when she likes their outfit or their smile, she stops to talk to every baby we see.

LIFE excites her.

Every. Single. Day.

Sure, it may seem more exciting to pick your first 4-leaf clover (or your first one this year) but they ARE still he stuff of legend, myth, and magic so why in the world would her 39th find seem any less exciting to me than the first?  It’s time for me to start living my life more like Morgan does.

I’ve found one too by the way, last summer, maybe her luck is rubbing off on me, her excitement sure is.  At the very least, I’m lucky to have a daughter like Morgan.


* Did you know that, on average, there are 10,000 three leaf clovers for every instance of a true four leaf clover?  *


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