Time is marching on…


Today is a monumental one for my family, or at least it feels like one to me.

My daughter (the baby of our little family) turned ten years old today.  Double digits.  On her way to being a teenager.  This year, instead of barbies, she wanted jewelry and clothes for her birthday.  The birthday party theme was ‘Rock Star’; there were no goodie bags and pin the tail on the donkey was replaced by a dance competition. 

Then there’s my son.  Newly a teenager (this past January) he’s changing as well.  Not only was today Morgan’s birthday, but it was also the first day of school – and Zak started 8th grade.  If he were going to another school, it may not have hit me as hard but at St Peters, where the students attend Kindergarten through 8th grade – today signified the beginning of the end. 

I remember walking that little five year old into school on the first day of school nine years ago (NINE years – it doesn’t even seem possible).  He held our hands and hugged and kissed me and his daddy good-bye, as we left him in the care of Miss Downing (after taking a photo of him at his desk and with the teacher).  Today my husband and I each got a quick (sideways) hug about half a block away from the school and he was off.  We were instructed not to come up to the hall where his locker and homeroom are located.  We had to settle for walking his sister in (who, incidentally also left us at the door to her classroom).

In one year it will be high school for Zak.  New beginnings, new friends, new role models.  MUCH less time for mom and dad.  And high school only lasts four years … then he’ll be gone.

And I will miss him SO MUCH.

Zak is really a lot like me.  Sometimes that drives me utterly crazy, when he shows tendencies to do things that I struggle with.  But I LIKE hanging out with him, I LIKE talking to him and hearing his thoughts.  Boys are supposed to pull away from their mothers right about now and I’m just not ready for that.  I miss the infant I brought home from the hospital just last week (or so it seems), I miss the three year old that asked me just how many people died in the civil war and the first grader who pushed for our family to become more spiritual because he felt drawn to God himself.

Where did the time go?

I really love seeing my kids grow up, they are turning into really neat people, I never doubt that for a second.  But it’s going too quickly for me.  So quickly.  And I’m not ready for this season of my life to come to an end.

I already miss both of them…

                                                                … so much.




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